Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar – Doodle 4 Google

It’s been long waiting request to Google to add Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s photo onto their Google (India) and Google (International) websites.

Modern Buddha Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Google always put related images with their logo on important international events and important peoples. But every time they forget to remember Dr. Ambedkar and his great work for India, peaceful Buddhist revolution, Emancipation of caste system and making Great Indian Constitution!

The discussion was started at google forum and various social networking sites. We had pointed out Dr. Ambedkar’s outline work as:

  • Great thinker and philosopher
  • Strong and true follower of Buddha
  • Gave freedom to all Untouchables and females in India
  • Has written great Indian Constitution
  • One of the great Economist of the world
  • Creator of modern India
  • Revolutionist, Political leader, Anthropologist, Socialist, Writer, Lawyer, Professor, Principle, Educationist, Lifetime student

But Google didn’t responded on this yet. Now lets go with their way…

Knowing what Doodle 4 Google is

First we need to know what is doodle 4 google? Once we get an idea we then check how to participate and create and submit doodles to google. We have to use their logo and other resources as sketch template. You might also like to know history of doodle 4 google. Or if you have any question check their FAQs page.

How to suggest subjects for doodle?

Googlers and fans from around the world suggest the topics from which the doodle team doodles (you can suggest one too at proposals@google.com).

Our Turn!

Now its our turn to create valuable, innovative, out of the box, to the point doodles of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and send it to proposals@google.com for suggestions and acceptance.

Photos and resources

  1. Use very clean and clear photos of Babasaheb
  2. Reference articles

Doodle we received

Doodles by Rajesh Shinde

Doodle by S. V. Khobragade

Dr. Ambedkar, doodle4google

Doodles by BheemNelson

doddle-ambedkar-1 doodle-ambedkar-2 doodle-ambedkar-3 doodle-ambedkar-4 doodle-ambedkar-5 doodle-ambedkar-7 doodle-ambedkar-8

Specimen Letter to Doodle4Google team

To: Dennis Hwang <DennisH@google.com>
CC: proposals@google.com, doodle4google-usteam@google.com

Hi Dennis,

“Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise both will wither and die.”Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

Could you kindly consider of making doodle 4 google by placing Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s photo on his birth anniversary ie. 14th April 2012?

Reasons why you should consider:

  1. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar has been studied in Columbia University (US), London School of Economics (UK) and other European countries.
  2. He fought for Justice, Freedom, Equality, Fraternity and Democracy.
  3. Dr. Ambedkar awarded as Bharat Ratna (Highest Award for a civilian in India)
  4. He is one of the most influential leaders in the World history
  5. He has written world’s largest Indian Constitution and gave equal rights to oppressed people, woman and minorities in India. Because of his immense work world knows him as Father of Modern India. Since the Constitution of India comes in practice it never fails!
  6. Barack Obama (US President) also paid tribute to Dr. Ambedkar in Indian Assembly.
  7. He was born in Un-Touchable community and fought all his life to annihilate the anti-human Caste based system that world has ever seen.
  8. He brought a ray of hope in billions of oppressed and deprived people, who were far far away from human rights for thousands of years.
  9. He then converted to Buddhism on 14 October 1956 and gave ‘Dhamma Deeksha‘ (accepting Buddhism) to more than 5 million people. This is the biggest conversion to Buddhism in the history. Because of this billions of people in India got inspired and converted to Buddhism there after. This is the drastic change in history of religion. This converted population is equal to any European countries. He then spent his later life to spread Buddhism and equality. This incidence is more important in history than French revolution.
  10. He was a life time student and mastered in Economics, Law, Democracy, Philosophy, History, International Relations, Anthropology, Religious Study, Music, Literature and so on….
  11. To give respect to his contribution in Economics, Democracy and Peaceful Revolution, Columbia University incarnated his statue in their library (where he studied) and started Dr. Ambedkar Chair. (Check this: http://c250.columbia.edu/c250_celebrates/remarkable_columbians/bhimrao_ambedkar.html)
  12. His education: M.A., Ph.D, D.Sc., Bar-at-Law, LL.D., D.Litt. If you look at his era (1891) it was almost impossible to get higher education due to caste-system in India. But he never gave up.

You might have heard Jai Bhim word from billions of Indians and Indians abroad. A word is known as whole hearted respect to their true leader Dr. Ambedkar. Billions of people call him ‘Babasaheb‘ a very respected and popular word used in India. I bet anyone has got huge respect than Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar!

You can find more information about him:

‘N’ number of people in India as well as in the world celebrates 14 April every year to pay tribute to their great leader – Dr. Ambedkar. For this occasion no one needs or waits for any invitation. It comes by their heart (in computer language – it comes By Default ! )

There are plenty of Google users and requesting Doodle 4 Google team to put Dr. Ambedkar’s a good quality photo onto Google’s India and International home pages.

Can you imagine how people will give lot thanks to Google if they see Dr. Ambedkar’s photo onto Google’s homepage?

As a user of Google services, I request Google to dedicate a Google Doodle on his Birth Anniversary on 14 April and express its solidarity with billions of the people of world who are fighting for their human rights.

I know Dennis can make a good doodle within 24 hours as he already made some. If you need any assistance please let me know.

Hoping the best from you.

Thank You,
Unified Voice of India

Note: This is just a specimen letter. Please write to doodle 4 google team in your own word and language.

88 Responses

  1. amar says:

    just sent an email to Google official for the above purpose.I carried out my responsibility.Jai Bhim.Namo Buddhay.

  2. Vimal Goutam says:

    Great ……………….. Jai Bheem Jai Bharat

  3. jai says:

    its nice.

  4. suraj ram jadhav says:

    Namo Buddhay Jai Bhim……. @{—

  5. Sumit Mulnivasi says:

    Jai BhIM !
    jAI BhaRat

  6. Satish K. Ranga says:

    Great, Out Standing…..google must use Babashab’s photo…jai bhim jai bharat……

  7. ANUP says:

    very nice work all my brother…….jai bheem



  9. snehal bagde says:

    Dats a great initiative carried out by our students!!!!
    carry on GUYS!!!

  10. swapnil says:

    jai bhim,,done…

  11. sariputta says:

    Excellent.and fabulous.

    and Jaibhim

  12. swapnil kamble says:

    well done..

  13. Rahul singh says:

    This will be wonderful work of Google and Aboriginal people of India will feel happy.

  14. priyanka says:


  15. MAHESH GADE says:


  16. hasmukh says:

    jay bhim jay mulnivasi

  17. hasmukh says:

    namo buddhy

  18. Rahulbhai Thorat says:


  19. mahendra says:

    thank 2 all google team dr. Ambedkar who change the indian sociology and history. Jay bhim

  20. PRABUDDHA RAJA says:

    Dr. Ambedkar is our real emancipator

  21. mahindra_bj28@yahoo.co.in says:

    !! Jay Bhim Jay Buddha !!

  22. Dnyaneshwari Sonawane Pujari says:

    This is the right time to pay tribute to this great personality. We Indians are grateful to Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

  23. sandeep pagare says:


  24. Victory says:

    Dr.AMBEDKAR (1891-1956)
    B.A., M.A., M.Sc., D.Sc., Ph.D., L.L.D., D.Litt., Barrister-at-Law

    B.A.(Bombay University) Bachelor of Arts,
    MA.(Columbia university) Master Of Arts,
    M.Sc.( London School of Economics) Master Of Science,
    Ph.D. (Columbia University) Doctor of philosophy ,
    D.Sc.( London School of Economics) Doctor of Science ,
    L.L.D.(Columbia University) Doctor of Laws ,
    D.Litt.( Osmania University) Doctor of Literature,
    Barrister-at-Law (Gray’s Inn, London) law qualification for a lawyer to practice law in royal court of England.

  25. vikas gaikwad{khamaswadi,osamanabad} says:

    14 april ya divashi DR.BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR yanchya jayanti nimitt tyancha foto taka. PLEASE……

  26. poonam sonavane says:

    I’m proud to born as jai bheem.

  27. madhav says:

    Jay Bhim 14 April la Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Yancha photo Google Var Taka Pl.. Jay Bhim.

  28. Anil says:

    Jai BhIM !
    jAI BhaRat

  29. Sanjay borikar says:

    Must show tha pic of tha greatest personality of tha world dr babasaheb ambedkar he was agreat great personality and great human being on tha earth nobody like him on whole galaxy

  30. Trupti bhosale says:

    Dr.babasaheb ambedkar has written world’s largest Indian constitution and gave freedom to all untouchables and females in India..add babasaheb photo on Google homepage…jay bhim namo buddhay jay Bharat

  31. Mr.Rupesh Ratnakar Gamare says:

    please put the pictur of the first greatest Indian
    Bharatratna Dr.Bhimrav Ramaji Ambedkar(Babasaheb) on the Googles logo on 14 April .
    Rupesh Gamare

  32. Anand says:


    The creator of modern India “Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar” Babasaheb picture doodle should be visible on google.com and google.in as google doodle..

  33. santosh patekar says:

    Dr.babasaheb ambedkar has written world’s largest Indian constitution and gave freedom to all untouchables and females in India..add babasaheb photo on Google homepage…The creator of modern India “Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar” Babasaheb picture doodle should be visible on google.com and google.in as google doodle..

  34. Pradeep Rokde says:

    Yes,I’m reques u mr.babasaheb Ambedkar pic set the google sing.please

  35. akash says:

    jay bhim

  36. Suhas Bhalerao says:

    Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar yana koti koti pranam . Jai Bhim

  37. Raj says:

    We all INDIANS respect Dr. Ambedkar plz do post this proposal…as Our nation is too proud on him.. & their work is also have been their outside India….

  38. Namo budday Namo budday Namo budday

  39. mahendra says:

    Bharatratna.parampujya .ghataneche shilpkar. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar yanna koti koti pranam

  40. nilesh gurav says:

    jay bheem…..

  41. jay says:

    Great Indian man

  42. Amar waghmare says:

    Jai bhim……jai bhim…..jai bhim……jai bhim…..jai bhim……

  43. Pramod says:

    Baba sahab apka mishan adhura ham sab milkar karenge pura

  44. Atul Shelar says:

    request show DR. B. R. Ambedkar picture on the Google home page plz

  45. Rahul jagtap says:

    Jay Bhim Jay Bhim Jay Bhim

  46. Suraj moon says:


  47. Rajesh Kardam says:

    I request to you please post the picture of a great indian personality Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. He gave the right of equality to all Indians.
    We have proud on him…

  48. Abhishek Bansod says:

    Dear all Ambedkarites lets start this movement again this year. Lets start sending mails to google for upcoming Birth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar on 14 April 2015. This time let Google know that 200 million Indians want to see Dr Ambedkar’s doodle on 14th April. You can just copy paste the specimen mail above and send it to google.
    Jai Bheem!

  49. sameer says:

    jai bhim

  50. manoj sontakke says:

    Bharat ratna Dr babasaheb ambedakar at Google icon .jai bhim namo budhay

  51. mahendra suryawanshi says:

    dr.B.R.Ambedkar ki Jai ho………Dil se Jai Bhimmm…………!

  52. basavaraj koppal says:

    Ambedkar ravara vicharagalu belakige baruvadadaru yavaga swami….

  53. varsha says:

    Jai Bhim…..

  54. इंडिया गेट समोर भगवा टिक्का लाउन उभे राहा. काही जण म्हणतील, हा शिवसेनेचा माणूस आहे, काही म्हणतील…. हा भाजपचा माणूस आहे, काही जण म्हणतील….. हा RSS चा माणूस आहे, काही म्हणतील… हा हिंदू आहे. तर काही म्हणतील….. हा 33 कोटी देवांचा भक्त आहे. नंतर याच गेट समोर ! “निळा” टिक्का लाउन उभे राहा. प्रत्येक माणूस हेच बोलेल की हा नक्कीच ! ”डॉ.बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर” यांचाच कार्यकर्ता आहे . आम्हाला हक्काचं ओळखपत्र दिलय… आमच्या बापाच्या बापान…. फक्त्त आणि फक्त्त निळी सलामी… !!!! जय भीम नमो बुद्धाय !!!!

  55. ajay krishna kamble says:

    jay bhim

  56. nilesh says:

    jaybhim namobuddha
    plzz on 6 december in google we want dr.babasaheb ambedkar pic

  57. Sumedh kharat says:

    That’s incredible………and great

  58. rahul bagale says:

    I request for Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar pic on the Google front page

  59. swapnil bhadane says:

    Jay bhim

  60. atul says:

    plz req sir

  61. dinesh says:

    Plllllzzzzzzzzz….OUR KINDLY REQUEST

  62. Dinesh says:

    The great leader of India.Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar

  63. manohare bhima says:

    jai bbhim jai bharth

  64. Akshay Pawar says:

    jai bhim

  65. rajesh kardam says:

    baba saheb is the greatest indian. jai bheem

  66. vijay kamble says:

    Jay bhim

  67. pawan paithane says:

    dr.B.R. Ambedkar the great indian.

  68. pravi kardak says:

    This will be wonderful work of Google and Aboriginal people of India will feel happy.

  69. pravi kardak says:

    sarkar konache hi aso kayda fakta babacha chalnar…

  70. Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar
    Name has been google .com
    Jai Bhim

  71. Rahul Savarne says:

    Jay Bhim

  72. neeraj sabharwal says:

    i have sent the email ..

  73. Dashrath N Kamble says:

    uoodharli koti kule, bhima tuza janma mule …jai bhim

  74. Mahendar bansode says:

    mujarech kele re amchya melelya bapane aaj lok amala mujara karti
    bhima tuza partapane ………jay bhim

  75. akshay arekar says:

    Visharatn krantisury bodhisatva Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar yana koti koti pranam. Jai bhim

  76. Siddharth jagdhane says:

    Jay Bhim

  77. rahul bankar says:

    Place sr.photo of babasaheb Ambedkar

  78. satish says:

    Jai bhim. ………..

  79. akshay says:

    pleaz keep the photo of dr ambedker.as google doodle

  80. Dr.Kapil N Muneshwar says:

    the greatest indian dr.B.R.Ambedkar

  81. rahul nagtile says:

    jai bhim

  82. Mahesh ovhal says:

    Jaibhim. Namo buddhya.. It should happn yrrr for the great leader google should

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