Ideas: Dr. Ambedkar International Memorial at Indu Mill (Mumbai)

Dr. Ambedkar Memorial, Indu Mill, Mumbai

When Govt. of India agrees to give land for Dr. Ambedkar memorial

Break all the barriers and let your imagination flow for the design of world class memorial of Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar at Indu Mill (Mumbai, India). Share your excellent imaginative design ideas with us and let wider audience noticed your designs and ideas about how the memorial should be!

  • What was/is your dreamed Dr. Ambedkar world class memorial?
  • If someone asks you to build Dr. Ambedkar’s memorial, which things would come into your mind?
  • What if you have 12 acre land near Arabic sea and thinking to build Dr. Ambedkar memorial?
  • Can you sketch and/or design the layout of Dr. Ambedkar memorial?
  • Did you struggled to put your ideas, about Dr. Ambedkar memorial, onto white paper?
  • Do you think Dr. Ambedkar memorial should have Dr. Ambedkar statue, Book library, Pali and Buddhist University, Economical and political training center, Ambedkarite movement think tank… and so on…

What else is stopping you to imagine? Let your mind free, let your brain work towards making the world class Dr. Ambedkar memorial at Indu Mill (Mumbai)! If you have the architectural designs / layouts in a soft or hard copy, feel free to share with us. It will be publicly visible to get more views.

What’s your vision on Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s International Memorial?

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  1. Gaurav Kamal says:

    well i am a student at iit bombay doing my m.phil (planning and development). we should come up with the best architecture, planning and utility. lets leave a message to the country in the name of the architect of indian constitution. its a wonderful idea. can we get to know the budget and other information.

    • All the ideas and designs getting here will be delivered to our political and social leaders. A BCC copy will goes to chief minister (MH), home minister (MH), prime minister and home minister.
      As the expense will be fulfilled by Govt. of Maharashtra, you don’t need to bother on that. Just have the ideas/layouts/designs you think/imagine about the international memorial of Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar!

    • victory says:

      Gaurav Kamal Sir,
      if u join hands and make team of all IIT engineers,Architects And related genius peoples (Those who are willing). Then Surely it will be World Class,Unique And Best Memorial on Planet earth!!! !! !
      Plz try for it sir.plz try for honourable
      Dr.AMBEDKAR (1891-1956)
      B.A., M.A., M.Sc., D.Sc., Ph.D., L.L.D., D.Litt., Barrister-at-Law

      B.A.(Bombay University) Bachelor of Arts,
      MA.(Columbia university) Master Of Arts,
      M.Sc.( London School of Economics) Master Of Science,
      Ph.D. (Columbia University) Doctor of philosophy ,
      D.Sc.( London School of Economics) Doctor of Science ,
      L.L.D.(Columbia University) Doctor of Laws ,
      D.Litt.( Osmania University) Doctor of Literature,
      Barrister-at-Law (Gray’s Inn, London) law qualification for a lawyer to practice law in royal court of England.

  2. victory says:

    In above post I meant to Include All engineers,Architects And related Experts from All IIT’s ,National level colleges and World famous Institutions (Those who are willing actively and truly).

  3. vishal walke says:

    i m a final year student of architecture from school of architecture, akola. now my thesis work is going on…my thesis topic is ” Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial at Indu Mill, Mumbai. the data collection related to memorial is done, but i have no proper site plan with dimensions and other information related to site study and analysis. due to this, i have to work on site plan which is trassed from google earth.
    if i get proper actual site plan, my work is going right way….

    • JaiBhim Vishal !!!

      Please get back to Vivek More (+91-9987929266), Editor, ‘Republican SerSenani’ for design draft, architecture and ideas on Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar International Memorial at Indu Mill, Mumbai.

  4. Victory says:

    Please add M.Sc. to the qualification mentioned under the Dr.Ambedkars Name on Home page.

  5. vishal ujlambkar says:

    “JAI BHIM” I think on indu mill land there should me make a collage,the collage of medical,the coll of architecture,the collage of engineering,the collage of mass media.and many and more specific the useful of all my friends to study in them,those are not geting addmission in others collages,and the international memorial garden and hi tech statue of Dr.babasaheb ambedkar

  6. Rohan says:

    Thanks to this website. It must have a featuristic design,with collaboration of columbia university large size digitally unseen photos of Dr. Ambedkar

    • victory says:

      Respected Sir,
      We can get all possible help from the team who constructed “Spring Temple Buddha”. 502 feet statue which is the recent & tallest world class monument construction of China.
      As they have implemented it successfully,they are the right people/organization for us.
      One more organization who will surely help us maximum in this aspect is “Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Association for Education, Japan”
      They are not construction company but the will use their contacts/ network to provide us necessary guidance,designs.
      Thank You Sir.

  7. pratik baisane says:

    please put the photo of DR B.R.AMBEDKAR on GOOGLE homepage for 14 apr

  8. Harshavardhan says:

    I am Architecture student from pune. I think the main purpose of a memorial in the real time is to create the memories of the event, person, and some thing related to d history of the place.
    So, to design a memorial we should actually a give a thought to our mind about the question above.
    like it wud b:
    a industry giving employment to thousand
    a univercity which give education to all
    and many more sensitive build masses which would help the human to uplift their lives.
    harshavardhan Wakode

  9. Harshavarshan Wakode says:

    I am taking this project for my final year thesis so, please guide.

  10. Vishwas Bhake says:

    The space shall be utilised to built a world class structure dedicated to Humanity …. which he dream ….. A space once we enter, could possibly force every one to forget outside World and think about only Nature and its non-lasting gifts to mankind w/o any difference of caste/religion. Self reliant internal Infrastructure like Power, Water , Sewage etc…. Purely innovative design.. w.r.t. non dependence of any external agency …

  11. GAUTAM MANDAPE says:

    jai bhim dr. babasahebanche samarc laokar zalle pahije mumbai madhe

  12. S says:

    Can anyone provide me the details about the project?As I would like to take the project as my Thesis Topic too. So if someone has done previous work on it then please let me know at I am looking for the given Brief and detail which specifies any area requirements. Or if anyone know from where to get these details.
    Thank you.

  13. Vishal says:

    Jai bhim

  14. Thite Vijay Kumar narsapur b adilabad says:

    All Indian pipuls to budism or jai bheem
    I’m Vijay thite
    Dr babasahebance smarak jeetke lavkar hoel tevde jeldi Hindu sanskruti ca nainaat hoel Mumbai ki saan ‘babasahebance smarak anni bhatiya savidhan

  15. mahesh says:


  16. sunalinisuradkar says:

    google should show all over the world the documentary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar ! On 125 th. Birthcetunary!*

  17. Rutuja Chavan says:

    im so excited to see that u guys have made Dr. Ambedkar’s work available ! downloaded all the volumes. thank u so much !

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